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If you choose to receive, I will speak my Light Language at certain points throughout your StarBody Activation Meditation to strengthen, amplify and deepen the potency of the activation itself.

So what is Light Language?

Light Language is an angelic language with many different dialects, frequencies and intonations.

As the most profound healing tool we have, Light Language has the power, ability and full vibrational range to clear any and all distortions present, raise vibration, activate new energies, templates and gifts, collapse old and activate new timelines, communicate with energy and the different Angelic, Guardian and StarSeed Races, as well as heal, remove and speak truth, light and life into even the darkest, densest energy within one’s personal or the collective energetic fields. And more! It truly is amazing.

While it does not have an alphabet, you may have seen this language written in symbols. There are many artists out there communicating Light Language via their activation art. There is also no specific way to speak Light Language, however, those with the same StarSeed type (ex: Arcturian, Lyran, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan etc) who have their Light Language activated will speak very similar dialects!

“WOW. That was so powerful! I am absolutely obsessed with your Light Language!

I got immediate chills whenever it would come out and I felt it in my core. Pure amazingness.” – Jennifer Bohn

I can't wait to walk with You!