The role of the astrologer is changing…

and I’ve claimed my place on the front lines.

So if you’re looking for a ‘cosmic cookbook’ of sorts. If you want to be told who you are, what to do, and what to expect…RUN.

Run fast and run far because I’m not about to put myself in your way like that, ever!

But. If what you desire is an intimate, ever-evolving and GROUNDED relationship with your StarBody….

Then I invite you to lean in, and immerse yourself in the realms of Cosmic Soul Medicine…

I desire a deeply grounded connection to my StarBody, so that I may embrace my Cosmic Nature, and express it fully here on Earth.

I desireto make peace with the lineage of my Cosmic Soul, so that I may rise in power, and live my intended purpose out loud.

Astral Musings

for multidimensional humans who want to express

their Cosmic Soul on Earth in Full Power